Looking to the Google from left point of view

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- I don't know, what to do... This is a tricky situation. The personal summons for audience to Gugle has come. Delirium! What does it mean? Maybe, a foolish joke of crazy spamers?

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Wanna make some money in Google AdSense?

Oh, old boy! It's a good idea. But tell me, honestly, crony, do you know the rules? There are should be only two main rules at all...

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"Set your word - Save your world"

Once upon the time there was a word... And there were two bytes inside...

Set your word - Save your world
Here comes the Great Google and said...

Set the word and you'll be free
Set the word and pay to me
Set the word and have a rest
Keep in mind - we'll do the best

One my friend asks,
I just started with adwords and getting lots of impressions, some clicks but no sales! What's wrong with me?

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Internet is a great place, but sometimes you will encounter very bad people. Fire Fox keeps you away from spyware, scammers and spammers, using the power of people, power of a passionate community to protect you all the time you online.

Get hottest browser ever - Fire Fox!
- Phishing Protection
- Open Source, More Secure
- Automated Update
- Protection from Spyware
- Clear Private Data
- and much more ...

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In our GooG LefT Store you'll find out millions big and tiny "googlings" (things dedicated to Google: books, discs, etc.)

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